Jungle Safari

Jungle safari

Jungle safari is the prominent attraction of any wildlife tour. Tourists can do jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh national park. In a day, two rounds of safari drivers are allowed inside the core-zone of park.

Bandhavgarh, safari area is divided into three safari zones i.e. Tala zone (Gate-1), Magadhi zone(Gate-2) and Khitauli zone (Gate-3). Among them Tala zone is the oldest safari zone and other two zones were opened later due to increase in tourists arrival. These 3-zones are called core zones of Bandhavgarh.

Now buffer zones are also open for visitors. Buffer zones in Bandhavgarh includes Dhamokhar zone, Panpatha zone and Johilazone. Jungle safari in Bandhavgarh is a paid service for which tourists are required to acquire entrance ticket/s in which all visitors name, age, gender, country and identity document details are given along with name of safari zone and safari round